Yailin La Más Viral raised the temperature with an incredible photo session

The life of Yailin The Most Viral Y anuel aa it really looks like a movie. Although everything started in the best way when they became a couple and got married, the lack of photos together and showing themselves in stories has caused many Internet users to think that they are close to a break.

Also taking into account that in a video of Karol G, the voice of a man could be heard in the background, which seems to be anuel aa. His followers are already mentioning that there would be a reconciliation, but La Bichota has not shown new indications. Even from what she interprets of her new songs, she would be getting closer to a new love.

anuel aa He has not spoken about it, nor about the singer, but neither about Gianella, the daughter he would have with Melissa Vallecilla. The model of Colombian origin assures that the father of her daughter is the Puerto Rican rapper. Even her followers also affirm it. “You have not heard the saying that the denied children are the ones who most resemble the father, take it there is the beauty of a girl. God bless her a lot ”was one of the messages from her fans.

Anuel AA and Melissa Vallecilla. Source: Terra Archive

Oblivious to all this, in the last hours Yailin He did a new and incredible photo session. “Behind a powerful woman, she finds herself fighting against everything” was the phrase she used, making it clear that she does not need any man to grow artistically, much less to be happy.

Yailin La Más Viral in a new photo session. Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

In the photo, in which the complete outfit has not yet been revealed, she is seen wearing a turquoise sequined suit that only covers part of her neckline. Her head was covered with a scarf of the same style. Her Instagram post garnered thousands of likes and comments. She even a follower of Yailin He compared it to “A Bratz doll” and all the fans agreed with it.