Yailin La Más Viral reappears in networks with the "bulging belly" and draws everyone’s attention

The movements of the Dominican singer Yailin, the most viral, 20 years are difficult to notice. A few weeks ago the wife of Anuel AA He completely disappeared from social networks where he accumulates more than five million followers from all corners of the world and deleted his account.

Later, Yailin the most viral, He returned to the social network of the camera without further ado and gave no explanations. She was only shown in her stories with a new look very similar to that of the influencer Kim Kardashian with platinum blonde hair and an exuberant make up while she listened to songs from Anuel AA.

The truth is Yailin, the most viral, She has lowered her level of exposure on social networks but now she reappeared with a daring look and revealed a small belly that has already raised rumors of pregnancy among her fans. One day before deleting himself from social networks, the wife of Anuel AA had denied the possibility of expecting a son of the singer.

Yailin, the most viral. Source: Terra archive

But on more than one occasion both Anuel AA What Yailin, the most viral, They have made it clear that they want to be parents. Now the Dominican was shown in an advertisement with a tight colored bodysuit that revealed an important cleavage and with torn jean pants.

The most observant followers of Yailin, the most viralthey say that he no longer has a flat abdomen but a small belly appears that could be a sign that he is fulfilling one of his dreams with Anuel AA. For now nothing confirmed but the singer also reappeared with his son Pablo at an autograph signing after his ex denounced him for not seeing him since February.