Yailin La Más Viral revealed new images of her daughter with Anuel AA

Yailin the most viral and Anuel AA They are expecting their first daughter. These are very happy days for the couple, who have been married for just 1 year. Despite the fact that they are often criticized on networks for more than one reason, they do not hesitate to continue showing how they experience pregnancy on their social networks. First they announced it, then they shared the photos of the gender reveal, where it was said that they are expecting a girl. And some time later, Anuel AA announced the name that they will give him in a radio interview.

Cattleya’s ultrasound. Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

The chosen name is Cattleya, or Cataleya as you choose to pronounce it. Now in the last few days they have posted on their networks, rather on Instagram, new photos of an ultrasound where you can see the little girl in the womb of Yailin the most viral. In the photos you can see that the girl is already quite big, and they confirmed her good health.

The doctor in the video you uploaded Anuel AA and Yailinconfirms that the pregnancy is progressing in optimal conditions: “We have a head size according to the time of pregnancy that you have”, the doctor can be heard evaluating the images.

Cattleya’s ultrasound. Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

All the content they uploaded Anuel and Yailin He has been sweeping through Instagram. Not only with good wishes, but mostly criticism. Since Anuel insists on emphasizing that this will be his only and first female daughter, when she is not like that. The singer is refusing to recognize the daughter he had with Melissa Valencilla. In fact, a DNA test has even been done that came back positive, but he refuses to be present in the girl’s life.

Yailin the most viral Meanwhile, she takes it well and enjoys her pregnancy without worries, but nevertheless, from time to time they tend to delete some Instagram photos that are filled with comments with some bad energy.