Yailin La Más Viral showed off her silhouette in jean minishorts

Yailin The Most Viral She was the mother more than two months ago of Cattleya, the girl she had with her anuel aa. Although she does not show her face on social networks, she has made it clear that she is very much in love with the little girl. Even more since she separated from Anuel AA. Although they maintain a relationship because of the offspring, the love dissolved between the two of them.

Since he separated from the Dominican singer, anuel aa he has done nothing but attract attention through his concerts. The Puerto Rican artist has shown himself with posters and even blankets with the face of Karol G. In one of his last shows, he held up a banner with the text “forgive me baby.” According to some of his colleagues, it is just a marketing strategy to add to the success of La Bichota.

For his part, Yailin He released his new musical theme when he separated from Anuel AA called ‘Sólo tú y yo’. The singer has been showing off on her social networks some “little gifts” that her new partner would have given her. For some 2.0 tracks, the one who would have conquered her heart would be the singer Tekashi 6ix9ine.

For Mother’s Day, Yailin received a Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-AMG G 63 off-road pickup, valued at at least about US$385,000. This past Monday the 29th, the influencer shared a dance with her followers and then showed a surprise box that contained a luxurious Rolex brand watch.

Yailin danced in his instagram wearing a denim outfit made up of a top and mini-shorts. Other gifts included a luxurious handbag and a large heart-shaped arrangement of roses. However, her followers did not forgive her in the comments: “Of course she spends more than Anuel, she is showing it”, “Presume and presume she does not know how to fill the void that they left her” and “You are going to spend your chelitos making gifts yourself to sound”.