Yailin La Más Viral teaches us which is the most chic swimsuit of the season

Yailin The Most Viral She is currently involved in a controversy with her sister Kimberly Michell Guillermo, known in the networks as Mami Kim. The commentator of ‘El Show de Luinny’, Nelsy Maglene Feliz Ferreras, better known as Fogón or Mey Feliz, said this Wednesday during her participation in that program, that she will resume the lawsuit against the singer and her sister .

“I have already been notified by my lawyers that the ongoing legal process will continue. Already in the course of this week, worth the redundancy, we are going to be setting the date, but it is next July, God willing, for all those involved” assured Fogón, who accuses Yailin of giving him a beating.

Fogón explained that he had stopped the lawsuit for the pregnancy of the ‘Chivirika’: “I have explained that I was the one who made the decision to stop everything because of the state in which he was Yailin. I didn’t want to give it a course.” The journalist Richard Hernández clarified that what happened between the famous cannot be interpreted as a fight or fight, but rather it was a beating where the only one attacked was Mey.

“I understand that the classification that has to be given to this case cannot be a fight (as ‘experts’ say on social networks), because if you see the fights they are between two people, one and one, not a group against one alone” clarified Hernández. For his part, Yailin He has not ruled on the matter and has published in his stories of instagram some videos that have fallen in love with their fans.

The Dominican singer showed off her figure in the most chic swimsuit of the season: light blue and crocheted. Also, she carries small shells on the sides of her, perfect for the sea. The pastel light blue color is ideal for brown skin such as Yailin The Most Viral.