Yailin La Más Viral: this is the inside of the house where she lived before meeting Anuel AA

This week the singer Anuel AA The 29-year-old decided to open the doors of his mansion in Miami to tell what living with his girlfriend, Yailin, is like. People en Español magazine was in charge of showing the interior of the property that has a pool, private dock and an extensive garden among other luxuries.

There are no doubts that the relationship between Anuel AA and yailin It is more than established. During the interview they said that they have plans to get married and have children and also said that they met and flirted through social networks before seeing each other for the first time.

Yailin’s room. Source: Tik Tok Yailin, the most viral

The truth is yailin He lives with luxuries since he is with Anuel AA and he has no qualms about showing them. She does not hide anything and shows her more than four million followers the cars that she drives with the singer as well as the jewelry and brand clothing that she gives him.

Yailin’s room. Source: Tik Tok Yailin, the most viral

but a while ago yailin He was honest and on the Tik Tok social network he told what the house he lived in with his family in the Dominican Republic was like before he met Anuel AA. The property had no frills but she is very fond of it. In her room you can see a large sommier in gray tones, a brown closet, a desk and air conditioning.

Yailin’s kitchen. Source: Tik Tok Yailin, the most viral

in the kitchen of yailin several appliances can be seen in gray tones and a shelf in beige tones. In the living room the family home has blue armchairs with white trim and a huge photograph of her on one of the walls dating from the beginning of her professional career.