Yailin La Más Viral was inspired by Jennifer Lopez and took all eyes

Yailin The Most Viral he has more than 7 million followers on his Instagram account. For some time, the Dominican singer separated from Anuel AA and has undertaken her life alone, both personally and musically. She recently released her new song called “Sólo tu y yo” and it is already a success.

For his part, anuel aa he continues to be in contact with her because of the daughter they have in common: Cattleya. The singer was consulted in an interview and there he clarified the doubts of his fans: “Well, with her, for things in life, we are no longer together, we have communication anyway, that is my daughter’s mother and we are a family as you wish . We have a good relationship”.

anuel aa published yesterday the first photographs with his other daughter named Gianella. The baby was the result of his relationship with the Colombian model Melissa Vallecilla. “She looks like Cattleya, she looks like Pablo; it’s that they all look just like me when I was born. I look for the photo and I catch them and wow, I laugh,” said the interpreter of ‘Richer than yesterday’.

Yailin with red buccaneers. Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

Karol G’s ex opened up in the interview: “Look how God gave me this opportunity. Right now I’m asking for forgiveness from everyone I’ve hurt in life. I really want to do things right. I have a daughter who is almost a year and I was not there”. For his part, Yailin The Most Viral She continues to show on the networks how beautiful she looks more than a month after being a mother.

Buccaneers by Jennier Lopez. Source: Instagram @elena_jlolover

In her latest Instagram post, the singer posed in a denim miniskirt and vest ensemble. But what caught her attention the most were her boots, red buccaneers with pockets, also called ‘cargo buccaneers’. Although it is a fashion that she has returned, Jennifer Lopez I had already used this type of footwear in 2018. Undoubtedly, trends return and we must be vigilant so as not to miss anything.