Yailin La Más Viral’s particular reaction to Karol G’s new hair color

The rivalry between Carol G and the Dominican singer known as Yailin The Most Viral was born from the start. Although Bichota has never played along with jokes or criticism, Anuel AA’s current wife did make it clear that things were not going well between them when she banned blue wigs at her concerts.

Some days ago, Carol G He left the blue color behind and after several unknown stories, he showed on his social networks that he changed his hair to red. “Finally I look a little like the Little Mermaid,” she wrote on her Twitter account, alluding to the child character with red hair.

Karol G red. Source: Instagram @karolg

Many followers compared to Carol G with the Spanish singer Rosalía, since the young Catalan has already used this hair color before. Some even left the hypothesis that it could be a possible future collaboration. As expected, there were also those who compared her to the current wife of Anuel AA.

Source: Instagram @karolg and @yailinlamasviralreal

“the new one yailin”, “can not overcome yailin?”, “Copied it to yailin”, “want to look like yailin” Y “yailin It already had that color” were some of the messages that La Bichota received on her Instagram account. Although the followers affirm that it is a “copy”, many others know that red is a more popular color and that many celebrities are encouraged to wear it.

Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

Yes ok yailin She has not spoken about it, she did make some posts on her Instagram stories where she sees herself with red hair and wrote “TBT”, thus using the acronym used by celebrities to share images from long ago. Without saying it, the Dominican wanted to express that she had that color before.

Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal