Yailin, the most viral starts the year alone and gets all the looks

Without a doubt Yailin the most viral and Anuel They have been throughout 2022, the most quoted couple by all means. And it is that their relationship was controversial. Barely 2 months after dating, and when Anuel’s return to Karol G was still rumored, Yailin and Anuel decided to get married.

Even this relationship continues to pass at the speed of light. Now Yailin is pregnant and there is very little left for little Cattleya, as the couple has decided to call her baby, to be born. While they continue to show all their privacy on networks, and manage people’s bad comments, the acts of both Yailin like anuel they continue to be questioned.

In what was the beginning of 2023 this would already be the first controversy. Yailin On New Years, he posted a video where you could see the view from his apartment while the fireworks show was going on. But that was not all. As the hours passed, Yailin was present at a nightclub to celebrate and dance.

In a tight pink dress, Yailin she enjoyed her night, however apparently Anuel did not accompany her. And that’s how Yailin celebrated the new year alone. In addition, the most curious thing was her when she uploaded an Instagram story hours before with a curious phrase: “The good thing about the game is that everyone has her turn.”

It is not known the reasons or to whom this hint was directed, but the truth is that after a few hours, Yailin He deleted the photo from his account. for his part Carol G, He said goodbye to the year with a great message, where he stressed that his heart had been broken. “Every day I feel different, I feel happier, stronger, calmer, loving myself very much and appreciating every little gift in life and that infinite love from you that I never lacked ?? … I have the memories of many tears, of frustrations and questions and things that kept breaking my heart.” The message full of optimism closed: “TOMORROW WILL BE BEAUTIFUL”.