Yamila Reyna at the top, celebrates the Copihue de Oro nomination with a hint to the Argandoña

ohyamila reyna Is at the top! The Argentine host has just been nominated for the “Animator of the Year” category at the Copihue de Oro 2023, as announced by La Cuarta.

Along with other well-known presenters of the Chilean show, Reyna expressed her happiness on social networks, saying: “Oh! I don’t want to cry, but I am very excited about the Copihue de Oro nomination for Best Entertainer 2023.”

She also joked about her nomination by asking: “Are they going to say that I sleep with the public too to be nominated?” This comment regarding La Quintrala’s sexist comments, in which she suggested that Reyna’s success is not due to her hard work in front of the screen.

Thanking her followers for their support, the cheerleader added: “I feel very honored, I am very excited. Thank you very much. The last few months have been very difficult for me on a personal level, but life rewards you.” Reyna also shared her joy at being nominated along with other talented women in the entertainment industry, such as María Luisa Godoy, Karen Doggenweiler, Priscilla Vargas, Monserrat Álvarez and Millaray Viera.

And that’s not all! Reyna invited her followers to vote for her at the Copihue de Oro Awards and promised to celebrate big if she wins. So, if you are a fan of Yamila Reyna, don’t miss the opportunity to vote for her and support her in her career as her cheerleader!