Yellowstone 5, the teaser shows the Dutton family preparing for battle

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Paramount Network previewed the teaser of Yellowstone 5 during the awarding of the Video Music Awards on MTV. The clip is very short, it lasts just 15 seconds, but that was enough to exalt the fans of the series that tells the story of the Dutton family. The fourth season ended last year and the production has already broken numerous records, becoming the most watched ever on cable TV. The debut of Yellowstone 4, in fact, kept 14 million people glued to the television. The star of the series is Kevin Costner, a giant of cinema, who has lent his face to John Dutton, the progenitor of the family. The Duttons are a powerful dynasty of Montana, where their ranch is located, which the head of the family is committed to protecting from building speculators hunting for land and beyond.

The Yellowstone 5 trailer

Just 15 seconds of teaser trailers were essential for fans of the series to understand more about the fifth season. In such a short time, in fact, the production managed to provide a few seconds of space to all the protagonists. Rip Wheeler is seen wielding a rifle but also Kayce Dutton engaged in an introspective moment. In those few frames, the moment of greatest tension is when the entire Dutton family is shown preparing to defend their land, in what promises to be a decisive confrontation in the series. But it is perhaps the conclusion of the teaser that arouses greater interest and curiosity in the public, because it ends with the sentence: “Everything will be revealed”. The teaser has increased the anticipation for the fifth series, which will be previewed by Paramount Network with a 2-hour event on November 13th.

The Yellowstone plot 5

Yellowstone 5 is one season prequel, set in 1932. The management of the ranch and livestock is at the center of the story around which all the dynamics of the series develop between rivalries, murders and power struggles to defend the lands and economic hegemony. It is a theme that has always fascinated Americans, as evidenced by the excellent audience figures recorded by the series, so much so that Yellowstone has already become the flagship IP of the Paramount Network catalog, which is developing 4 projects around it.