, the Italian e-commerce that challenges the giants of the web

Three partners, a lot of commitment and the desire to create a 360-degree product made in Italy. Thus was born, the e-commerce site founded in 2011 by Danilo Longo, Andrea Bonetti and Cristian Sacchini based in Paderno Dugnano, just outside Milan. There are no robots that do everything. Behind the preparation of orders and shipments simply people, workers.

Danilo Longo, Founder Yeppon

“Yeppon is an independent Italian e-commerce that sells consumer electronics, DIY and household products. We have now been active for 12 years and with a lot of passion we are growing year by year, reaching the threshold of 70 million euros in turnover.

The challenge to the e-commerce giants

David against Goliath they say at Yeppon. It may not have the numbers of the big giants but it is a company made up of 45 employees with a catalog of over 250 thousand products. With 325 thousand orders processed in 2022, it represents the strongest independent Italian company.

Today the e-commerce site aims even higher, which is why a new platform was born: to expand the offer in French territory.

On Yeppon you can not only find new products but also refurbished ones, you can purchase them directly on the site or by going to the company in person. Inside there is a real island dedicated to the outlet.

Ready for Black Friday

Danilo Longo, Founder Yeppon: “We are in the midst of Black Friday, for us it is the most important event of the year. There are 15 days of offers where customers can find everything from television to household appliances to notebooks at incredible prices. Certainly for the whole my team, a moment of great stress and a lot of work, but like every year we will do our best to satisfy all our customers”.