“Yes, forever!”: The marriage proposal for the beloved ex of Temptation Island arrives

“Yes, forever!”: The marriage proposal for the beloved ex of Temptation Island arrives; the sweet announcement arrived through social media.

A photo with the engagement ring in the foreground and a few but significant words: “Yes for ever!”. This is how one of the most beloved faces of Temptation Island announced the wonderful news to his followers: he is about to get married!

Temptation Island, they get married (Credits Instagram)

There marriage proposal arrived just in the past few hours, complete with a ring. Wedding that comes after the greatest joy for the couple: the birth of their first daughter, which took place in the summer of 2021. A shower of good wishes and messages of affection invaded the post shared on Instagram. Let’s find out more about this wonderful news.

Temptation Island, the marriage proposal arrives: they get married!

We met her in 2016, when she participated in Temptation Island with her now ex-boyfriend. A turbulent path, that of the couple, in the Canale 5 docu reality, but despite this the two decided to leave the program together and give their love another chance. Love that, however, did not last long away from the cameras: after a while the two decided to break up and start a new life away from each other. Who are we talking about?

Of Roberta Mercurio and Flavio Zerella, both very happy today together with new partners. Just Roberta, a few hours ago, received a very sweet marriage proposal from her partner, the footballer Luca Caldirola, to which it has been linked since 2022. A beautiful love story, from which little Camilla was born in June last year. Only the Orange flowersbut they are about to arrive!

With a tender shot shared on Instagram, Roberta showed followers the ring she received from her Luca, announcing that she had said ‘yes forever’ to his wedding proposal. The Monza defender and the ex of Temptation Island were invaded by the messages of greetings from friends, fans and colleagues, all super happy for the wonderful news.

marriage proposal temptation island
Roberta and Luca (Instagram Credits)

We can only join all of them and send our best wishes to this wonderful family.

Temptation Island, Flavio Zerella today

As we told you, even Roberta’s ex-partner, Flavio, has rebuilt a life. And he did it with another former protagonist of the Canale 5 broadcast. The two, however, did not meet in the program, having participated in two different editions, in different periods. This is Nunzia Sansone, who had participated in the transmission with her historical boyfriend, Arcangelo Bianco: their story ended after thirteen years. Today, Flavio and Nunzia are very happy and also their parents of the little Goddess, born in October 2021. The two are thinking about the wedding, which could arrive very soon.