Yet we fall happy, everything you need to know about the new TV series

The TV series is coming to Rai Play Yet we fall happybased on the novel by Enrico Galiano. Gaja Male And Constantine Jack off are the young protagonists Gioia and Lo.


Yet we fall happy is a Pulispei production in collaboration with Rai Fiction, Verdiana Bixio in the role of producer.

The TV series is freely inspired by the work of Enrico Galiano, writer and teacher. The novel, published in 2017has received great success from the public and critics and is now preparing to land on the screen.

The protagonist of the novel is Joy, a sixteen-year-old teenager, trying to make his way in life between moving to a new city and the complicated relationship with his mother and grandmother. What changes his destiny is the meeting with Lo, a mysterious boy.

Gaja Masciale and Costantino Seghi are Gioia and Lo, also in the cast of the TV series Georgie Wurth, Paola Sambo, Matteo Branciamore, Aeneas Barozzi And Margherita pizza Morchio.

This is the official synopsis published by Rai: “Freely based on the novel of the same name by Enrico Galiano, the series Yet we fall happy tells the story of Gioia, a sixteen-year-old girl who has to face a difficult adolescence, thanks to the move to a new city and a complicated relationship with her mother and grandmother. Thanks to her passion for photography and the meeting with a mysterious boy, Gioia will discover new sides of herself.”

The direction is by Matteo Oleottothe screenplay was signed by Valerio D’Annunzio And Vanessa Picciarellia. The TV series will arrive on Rai Play Friday 6 October.