You 4, the trailer for the second part of the fourth season

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The story isn’t over yet for America’s favorite serial killer in London. Netflix has released the trailer for the final episodes of the fourth season of You in which the clandestine criminal Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) reveals the identity of another English serial killer. Though he’s declared his killer days behind him, Joe finds himself at the center of yet another mystery when members of his stylish new group of friends start getting killed.

You 4: a new serial killer

Four subjects have already ended badly and there’s no sign of the death count slowing down soon with manager Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) on the loose. The new trailer resumes with a confrontation between Joe and Rhys, in which the best-selling author reveals that he sees Joe as a kindred spirit: “I want a friend. Someone who shares my interests. Someone I can finally tell my secrets to.” Elsewhere in the trailer, Joe outright refuses to assist Rhys, claiming that Rhys is “not a cold-blooded psychopath.” But not even five seconds later, viewers catch a glimpse of Joe digging a another grave.

The return of Victoria Pedretti

Fans of the series also get a shocking revelation with the return of Victoria Pedretti in the role of Love Quinn. Joe’s estranged wife met a grisly end in Season 3 after she was poisoned and framed for double homicide. Yet in the final moments of the new trailer of You 4Joe runs into Love reading Rhys’ novel, A Good Man in a Cruel Worldwhile sitting in a glass cage similar to the one Joe used to hold victims hostage in the early seasons.

The first part of You 4

Season 4 part 1 of You was released on February 9 and quickly climbed the charts to number 1 on Netflix’s list of the top 10 British TV series during the February 6-12 viewing window. The remaining five episodes of the second part will premiere on the streaming service the March 9th. You is produced by Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble, Gina Girolamo, Leslie Morgenstein, Sarah Schechter and Michael Foley. Badgley, John Scott, Shamim Sarif, Harry Jierjian and Rachel Leiterman directed separate episodes in season four.