You can’t imagine what Can Yaman was doing before his success on TV

You can’t imagine what Can Yaman was doing before the success on TV: the background on the beloved actor.

Can Yaman is today a much loved actor which has achieved great success not only in its home country, i.e. Turkey, but also in Italy and many other countries. In just a few years, his career has practically taken off and today he is in great demand everywhere. When he arrived in the Italian peninsula he immediately had the opportunity to make himself known by becoming part of the De Cecco pasta commercial together with Claudia Gerini.

Can yaman prima (credits: instagram) sologossip

You will recall, it became particularly known around the world when the Bitter Sweet series was broadcast. He acted with Ozge Gurel. The plot brought to the center won us over. The public was immersed in the love story born between the cook and university student and the great entrepreneur. After this series another one has arrived that has obtained the same consensus, let’s talk about Daydreamer- The wings of the dream.

She acted alongside Demet Ozdemir and once again the story brought to the stage left the audience speechless. The last soap opera broadcast saw him once again protagonist, together with Ozge, Mr.Wrong-Lezioni d’amore. But once he arrived in Italy he didn’t stop there: with Francesca Chillemi he starred in the series Viola come il mare. Today he needs no introduction as his career is known but do you know what he did before the success on TV?

Don’t imagine what Can Yaman was doing before his success on TV: not everyone knows this background

In the last few years Can Yaman he got to make himself known more and more thanks to the characters he played. Starting with the first that brought him success, that of the entrepreneur Ferit Aslan in Bitter Sweet. Even if before that he had already started taking his first steps in the world of acting.

In fact, his acting career began in 2014 but only in 2017, thanks to the series we have just mentioned, did he achieve success never seen before. Thanks to his travels and his arrival in Italy, we got to know him better. In our country he has had various jobs and also the part in the series Viola come il mare. But do you know before that what he did?

can yaman first
What did he do before (credits: instagram) sologossip

Many do not know that Can Yaman had started a completely different career before becoming famous. In fact, the 24-year-old actor was writing articles for the tax section of the Dunya newspaper. In 2012, he graduated from Yeditepe University Law Department. But after starting to take his first steps in this world he decided to devote himself to the passion for acting.