You can’t imagine what Silvia Toffanin did before her success on TV

You can’t imagine what Silvia Toffanin did before her success on TV: here is the ‘behind the scene’ that not everyone knows.

Silvia Toffanin has been at the helm of Verissimo since 2006. In the program he interviews several guests in each episode, who open by telling unpublished facts of their private life and obviously also of their career. Before that, you will recall, she edited a column within the same program, as a fashion journalist.

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He played this role from 2004 to 2006, then took over the reins by inheriting the transmission from Paola Perego. Many of you will remember her even before her, when she was her Letterina to Passaparola. She has been part of the quiz for two seasons. Surely playing the role of the letter, like many other girls, has given her a certain popularity. Everyone was able to notice her beauty but also her talent that immediately came out of her.

Today she is much loved by the public and since she leads Verissimo in 2006 she has had the opportunity to make herself known and appreciated even more. This has had such an impressive success that in the last year Mediaset has decided to re-propose it for two episodes, on Saturday and also on Sunday. But before even getting into the broadcast and even before writing the letter, do you know what the presenter did? Let’s find out together!

You can’t imagine what Silvia Toffanin did before her success on television: did you know that?

Since she made her TV debut, Silvia Toffanin has done nothing but be appreciated by the public. It has now been more than 10 years that you have been at the helm of Verissimo, from which you took the reins from Paola Perego, who previously led it. Even before that she was always in the broadcast of channel 5 but she played a different role: in fact she worked as a fashion journalist within her column of hers.

Silvia is loved today, but do you know what she did before arriving on TV? Apparently the beautiful presenter has taken her first steps in the world of fashion. As we read around on the web, she was noticed at a very young age by a photographer and she began working as a photo model especially for ski suits. It would appear that she also worked as a waitress and cleaner.

what did he do before
Silvia Toffanin first (credits: youtube) sologossip

Later, at the age of 17, she participates in the selections for Miss Italy. She is given the sash of “Ragazza Sasch top model tomorrow Veneto”, and with this she participates in the final phase. When she turns 18 pursues a full-time modeling career in Rome. Well, apparently the presenter worked as a model and model before landing on television. Only after that did she begin to take her first steps on the small screen, coming to play the role of Letterina. Later came other jobs up to the conduction.