You hear tv, ‘Good morning, Mom!’ debuts and wins the evening

14.1% share for the Pooh on Rai1, also ‘Who has seen it?’ is on the podium

The first installment of the series ‘Good morning mom!‘ on Channel 5 won the ratings of yesterday’s prime time with 3,458,000 viewers and a 21.2% share. On Bbc1 ‘The Pooh – One moment again’ instead obtained 2,575,000 viewers and 14.1% while ‘Chi l’ha visto?’ of Rai3 was placed on the third step of the podium thanks to 1,808,000 viewers and a 10.7% share.

On Rai2, the first episode of the ‘Mare Fuori 3’ series totaled 1,204,000 viewers and a 7.5% share (in detail, the first episode recorded 1,387,000 viewers and 7% and the second 1,187,000 and 7.5%). On Italia 1 the film ‘The cold light of the day’ was seen by 1,052,000 viewers equal to 5.5% while ‘Atlantis – In the kingdom of silence – The mysteries of Matteo Messina Denaro’ on La7 won 649,000 viewers and 3.4%. Retequattro with ‘Controcorrente’ involved 504,000 viewers with 3.5% and Tv8 with ‘Name That Tune – Guess the song – Best moments’ obtained 400,000 with 2.4%. Yesterday’s prime time ranking is closed by Nine with the film ‘Non-Stop’, followed by 359,000 viewers equal to a 2% share.

‘Soliti Ignoti – Il Ritorno’ on Rai 1 conquered the prime time access bracket with 4,701,000 viewers and a 22.1% share, while ‘Striscia la Notizia’ on Canale 5 obtained 3,965,000, equal to the 18.8%. The Rai flagship network also won in the early evening with ‘L’Eredità’ which totaled 4,612,000 viewers and 26.1%. Channel 5 with ‘Come on another!’ however, it recorded 3,771,000 viewers with a 22.1% share.

Overall, the Mediaset networks won in prime time, with 8,316,000 viewers and a 40.33% share, in late evening with 43.15% and 3,889,000 viewers, and in the 24 hours with 3,380,000 viewers and 39.68% share.