You listen to TV, ‘Che Dio ci Aiuti’ wins prime time

Follows on Canale 5 ‘Big Brother Vip’

‘Che Dio ci Aiuti’ on Rai1 won the ratings in prime time, obtaining 4,017,000 viewers and a 20.7% share. On Canale 5 ‘Big Brother Vip’ totaled 2,480,000 viewers and an 18.6% share. Third place for Tv8 which, with the Juventus – Nantes match for the UEFA Europa League, recorded 1,917,000 viewers and 9%.

Just off the Rai2 podium with the film ‘Anna’, followed by 1,002,000 viewers equal to a 5.1% share, while on Italia 1 the film ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ won 959,000 viewers and 5.5% %. On Retequattro ‘Dritto e Rovescio’ recorded 851,000 viewers with 5.4% and La7 with ‘PiazzaPulita’ involved 757,000 viewers and 4.9% share, while on Rai3 ‘Splendida Cornice’ was seen by 725,000 viewers at 3.5%. Nine finally closes yesterday’s prime time rankings with the film ‘Tutte contro lui – The Other Woman’ which garnered 328,000 viewers with a 1.7% share.

Rai1 was awarded prime time access with ‘Soliti Ignoti – The Return’ which recorded 4,901,000 viewers and a 21.9% share, while ‘Striscia la Notizia’ on Canale 5 obtained 3,885,000 viewers and the 17.35% share. Even in the early evening, the Rai flagship network is in the lead with ‘L’Eredità’, seen by 4,688,000 viewers equal to a 26.7% share, against the 3,555,000 and 20.95% of ‘Avanti un Altro!’ of Channel 5.

Overall, the Mediaset channels conquered prime time, late evening and 25 hours.