“You stayed twenty years ago”: chaos breaks out at Amici 21, the discussion does not stop

“You stayed twenty years ago”, chaos breaks out at Amici 21, the discussion between the teachers does not stop.

Sunday 21 November it went on the air a new episode of Amici 21. The episode opened in a different way than usual. Maria De Filippi entered the studio with a cake, to celebrate Alessandra Celentano’s birthday.

“You stayed 20 years ago”: chaos breaks out in Amici 21 (source: mediaset infinity)

Immediately after, the students performed. There was a new singers contest. This time, it was the singing teachers who gave an opinion. After LDA sang, there was a discussion between Rudy Zerbi and Anna Pettinelli. The latter said that Zerbi helped the pupil, when it was a task he had to do alone. The dancers’ turn has come and here too, there was a heated quarrel among the teachers. But what happened? Let’s go into the details and see what happened together.

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“You stayed twenty years ago”: there is no peace between the two teachers and a strong discussion breaks out

The last episode of Amici was aired on Sunday 21 November. After the entry of Maria De Filippi, who entered with a cake, to celebrate Alessandra Celentano’s birthday, we entered the heart of the talent.

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Tommaso, Simone, Nicol and Dario had to do the challenge, and all four managed to bring home the victory. Simone, however, has been suspended from his shirt. Rudy Zerbi, when the singer performed in the competition with the others, communicated the decision. The dancers’ turn has come. When Dario and Serena performed together, on the notes of You could have done more, in a task assigned by Celentano, there was a strong discussion among the dance teachers. But what happened?

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The ballet teacher, just after the performance, he began by saying that for her he seemed like the essay of the oratory, and that was not professional, but amateur. Peparini took the floor: “What good is these two talented dancers, because in theirs they are very good, to put them in such a condition and then say they were amateurs, you already know”. Gradually a discussion broke out: “When I speak of physicist I also speak on a functional level, as he will do tomorrow when he has to do a choreography by a choreographer …”. Celentano said, who found Peparini’s prompt response: “Since you talk a lot about the history of dance and art, there are choreographers who have made their career out of their defects “. The ballet teacher went on to say that certain shortcomings are objective: “She can do hip hop and she’s so cute …”. Between the two tones lit up, Veronica said: “It is you who stayed twenty years ago …“, and here, Alessandra got angry saying to stop using these phrases. Apparently, the two teachers have different tastes and opinions on the students, so much so that they lead to very strong discussions.