“You suck”, shock to Amici 21: judge targeted, everything happens

Judge targeted at Amici 21, everything happens in the talent show: “You suck”, below we explain everything in detail

Unfortunate episode that took place in the talent show “Amici” by Maria De Filippi. A judge was targeted: “you suck“. Everything really happened. If you are curious to know what happened in the most famous school in Italy, we invite you to read the entire article.

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Friends 21, judge targeted: “You suck” (Source: Facebook)

Friends 21, judge targeted: shock accusations

The talent show “Amici” is the longest running on Italian television. The transmission, conducted by Maria De Filippi, is now in its twenty-first edition. The talent show airs, starting this year, on Sunday afternoon and with daytime every day from Monday to Friday. After the afternoon phase there will obviously be the evening one.

In the last few hours, however, there has been an episode that has grown worse in the most famous school in Italy. One of the judges was harshly criticized. “you suck“, They even told him. The news had a great echo. In the next lines we will explain in detail everything that has happened.

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A new episode of the daytime of Amici 21. I dancers they faced a challenge in which they had to choose a feeling and improvise on the notes of a song. The judge was Marcello Sacchetta, former professional dancer and talent show choreographer. The race was lost by Carola, who will therefore have to go into challenge (from the previews we know that the dancer has overcome the challenge).

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(Screen video Instagram)

The vote assigned to Carola made the web murmur. The dancer of the teacher Alessandra Celentano has in fact taken 3. Marcello’s marks were almost all insufficient, except for Dario, who won the competition with a 6.

Immediately after the daytime was broadcast, the people of the web lashed out at Marcello, even saying: “you suck“. Someone instead wanted to underline how Carola was better than him and her partner (the professional Giulia). And other inferences that we sincerely do not feel like reporting.

After receiving the criticism, Marcello justified himself on social media, writing: “Generally in a school, if a teacher gives an assignment and the class does not understand the assigned topic, it is clear that the average of all students will be low”.