You will be surprised: Yamila Reyna’s dress for Viña del Mar hides a secret

In the recent “Pre-Gala” of the Viña del Mar Festival, the actress yamila reyna dazzled with a spectacular haute couture dress that drew attention not only for its beauty, but for its sustainable message.

The dress was designed by the Swedish creators of Rave Review, who together with Electrolux, used textiles salvaged from the second largest textile dump in the world, located in the Atacama desert. The initiative seeks to raise awareness about the importance of reuse and sustainability in fashion.

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to a report published in 2019 by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. In addition, fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world and is responsible for 20% of the world’s total water waste, according to a report by the Changing Markets Foundation. That’s why it’s important for each of us to take steps to reduce waste.

Yamila Reyna’s dress is an example of how fashion can be sustainable and beautiful at the same time. The design of her dress is impressive, with a mermaid silhouette and several layers that give it movement. The upper part of the dress is made with reused pants, highlighting the zipper, button and visible pockets. In addition, the designers mix different textures of jeans that are joined with various patches of colorful checkered fabrics.

“The dress was part of the 54th edition of São Paulo Fashion Week and I fell in love from the first moment I saw it. I decided to wear it on this occasion, since with it we remind the public of the importance of taking care of our planet and thus, we all become agents of change”, mentions Yamila Reyna.

Yamila Reyna shows her haute couture dress created from pieces of recycled clothing

Electrolux and Rave Review’s “Break the Pattern” campaign seeks to raise awareness about the clothes we wear every day and how we can take small actions to help reduce waste and extend the life of fabrics. Fashion can be beautiful and sustainable, and Yamila Reyna’s dress is proof of this.

At present, it is necessary to take measures to reduce waste in fashion. In the last 15 years, the amount of clothing in the world has doubled and, on average, it is thrown away after only 10 uses and less than 1% is recycled. It’s important that each of us take steps to reduce waste, such as buying second-hand clothes, donating clothes we no longer wear, and using eco-friendly laundry care products.

Sustainable fashion is the future and Yamila Reyna’s dress is proof of this. It is important that each of us do our part to reduce waste and protect our planet.

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