You will come back, Giorgia’s new single signed by Francesca Michielin and Ghemon

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Giorgia is about to return with a new song, presented on the occasion of The time of women, event organized by Corriere della Sera. The piece is titled You will come back and it was written by Giorgia herself with Francesca Michielin and Ghemon.

Giorgia, the text by You will come back

You will retrace your steps

I have never doubted it

you want a coffee to stay awake

and count every second

You will tell me new words

that I have never heard

and it will be like knowing how to fly

outside my window

and be alone, alone

until he goes there

away from the noise of this moment

throwing truths away in the wind

For today

you’ll be the hidden part of me that still believes in it

for today

you will be the wall that gives way so that I find the faith again

You will change your plans

to stop a little longer

here to me

inside my secrets

do you want to sit or stand?

You will tell me that it is raining outside

but I never believed in it

and the mind goes outside

outside my window

and being naked, naked

until he goes there

without being ashamed to pass the mark

and with no possibility of return

For today

you will be the hidden part of me that still wonders

if today

you will be the wall that gives way so that I find the faith again

Or for today

you will be that wave that comes and never comes back

Giorgia, new album in sight?

You will come back could anticipate the release of the new album by Giorgia, although the artist did not make any official announcements. Giorgia’s latest unreleased album, Black goldis from 2016. The following year the single was released Like snow, in duet with Marco Mengoni. In 2018 the live version of the album was released Black gold and the cover disc Pop Heart. At the moment it is not even known when it will officially come out You will come backsong presented exclusively with a live performance on the occasion of the Milanese event of Corriere.