You will never think that it is her after Lives on the Limit: you will be in shock, today she is unrecognizable

You will really have a hard time recognizing her after Lives on the Limit: you will never think it is her, today she is truly unrecognizable, to be left in shock.

His path in the Houston clinic did not bring great results, but now the former patient of Vite al Limite has completely changed! During the weight loss program, the forty-two-year-old had not adopted a favorable attitude towards the diet imposed on her by the Iranian surgeon, not satisfying her requests very well. Once back home, however, it would seem that everything has changed. We tracked her down on Facebook and today she shows a completely different physical form.

Screw to the shock limit. Credits: Discovery

Together with Erica Wall – whose transformation will really give you the creeps – the protagonist of this article was the undisputed star of the fifth season of Vite al Limite. Driven by a strong desire to get back in shape, the 42-year-old from Oklahoma wanted to ask Dr. Nowzaradan for help to get her life back in hand. She weighed 277 kg when she first weighed in at the clinic, but when she got out she weighed just over 50 kg less. What happened, then, when she got home? We do not know for sure, but it seems that the patient has seriously understood how important it was for her to get back in shape. You will stay in shock when you see it after Vite al Limite.

Unrecognizable after Lives on the Limit: you’ll never think it’s her, in shock

Losing weight many times is not only a question of aesthetics, but also of health. Remember when we told you about Bettie Jo’s story and how much her extra pounds affected her condition? Cynthia Wells also chose to turn to Lives to the Limit because of its 277 kg and all the consequences that this weight entailed. However, her journey within the Houston clinic was not great: the forty-two-year-old from Oklahoma, in fact, was unable to lose a lot of weight. Of course, this does not mean at all that Wells disappointed Dr. Nowzaradan’s expectations, but surely the Iranian surgeon would have expected something more of her from her patient. How are you today? You will stay in shock!

When she came out of the Houston clinic, Cynthia Wells weighed 206, but now it looks like she weighs a lot but a lot less. We don’t know how many for sure, but tracking her down on her social media, we discovered that the woman changed dramatically when she returned home. Of course, her path is still in its infancy, but it cannot be said at all that Cynthia has given up on her goal. Check it out here:

lives on the edge in shock
Cynthia today. Credits: Facebook

To be left in shock, no doubt about it! With respect to how she entered and how she left, it can be said that you would never think it was her. In any case, we just have to congratulate you on the result.