You will not be able to stop admiring the home of Daniele Bossari and Filippa Lagerback: a love nest between modern and vintage

Where Daniele Bossari and his wife Filippa Lagerback live: their house has an irresistible atmosphere, seeing is believing!

Class, elegance, privacy: the couple formed by Daniele Bossari and Filippa Lagerback contains all these qualities, as positive as they are rare today both on TV and in everyday life.

You will not be able to take your eyes off the home of Daniele Bossari and Filippa Lagerback: a love nest between modern and vintage (Instagram)

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Both beloved for more than twenty years, their careers exploded in the late 1990s and early 2000s, as did their love. A union that still lasts today and that was consolidated even more with the marriage that took place a few years ago.

She, a beautiful Swedish model, has conquered the Italians with her beauty and her sweetness; he, one of the most popular hosts of MTV, has managed to increasingly assert his role on TV and also won the GF Vip 2 victory in 2017.

In the most spied house in Italy Bossari asked Filippa to marry her, do you remember that moment? Their love is certainly an example for everyone, but have you ever wondered where they live? Their home is a charm!

Daniele Bossari and Filippa Lagerback, have you ever seen their house? Amazing!

Together with their daughter Star and to the dog Whiskey, Daniele and Filippa have furnished their splendid house with the utmost care. However, it is a very familiar and welcoming environment, where modern and vintage styles are perfectly in harmony.

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Filippa Lagerback house
Photo source: Instagram

In every corner you can feel the 1920s atmosphere in some detail. The living room with the mustard-colored sofa and low wooden tables is irresistible. Note, however, in the dining area the vintage style table and chairs and the portrait of the couple in pop art style.

Another lovely detail, the lamp in the library area. A comfortable and relaxing abode as befits a meditation enthusiast like Bossari.

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Filippa Lagerback house
Photo source: Instagram

Seeing what crazy corners?