You will not be able to stop looking at her: Rosario Dawson left an insurmountable mark with her pink suit

Rosario Dawson has found her color and it’s absolutely a fluorescent shade of pink.

The actress took to Instagram to encourage her followers, especially those who identify as female, to make sure they make it to the polls this November, and she’s doing so sporting a vibrant pink pantsuit with a matching button tied underneath, accessorized with a pair of black ankle boots and a ring on her middle finger.

“I wear pink to let the world know: this is what the vast majority of people look like,” her caption began.

“Women are the most powerful voting bloc in the country. And this November we show up, with determination, with joy and in pink, to cast our votes and demand a government that represents us. Together, we are unstoppable. “

In closing, she shared @votolatino ( as a resource “for all things voters,” and also tagged @supermajority — a women-led organization fighting for equality — and @argent , the brand that produced costume. Together they launched the campaign with the hashtag #VotingSuitsYou and were also joined by stars like Busy Philips and Padma Lakshmi.

Instagram @rosariodawson
Instagram @rosariodawson
Instagram @rosariodawson

The first photo showed the actress leaning to the side, one hand in her pocket and the other tossing out the peace symbol.

In the next shot, she stood with both hands in the form, but turned to the side and held herself in front of his shoulders.

The pattern of peace continued, with different variations of a similar pose throughout the carousel.

Some of Dawson’s friends couldn’t help but applaud the daring look.

Instagram @rosariodawson
Instagram @rosariodawson

“You look so stunning in that color and with that haircut! More please!” Zoe Saldana demanded.

“Yes!” Chelsea Handler cheered.

Fans also loved the look and message, with one writing, “queen”, and another writing, “I love this! I’ll start preparing my pink outfit! ????????”.