You will not believe how much Michelle Carvalho will earn per month in her new OnlyFans account

The model Michelle Carvalho 29 years old is one of the most followed women on social media for her talent and beauty. Only in the social network of the little camera, the brunette accumulates more than a million and a half followers from all latitudes who are aware of her news.

The truth is Michelle Carvalho She shares her best poses and looks for her fans, since she is a reference in fashion and trends due to her elegant style of clothing that everyone wants to imitate, but she also uses Instagram to keep her fans up to date with her work news.

it was so Michelle Carvalho announced that it lands on the adult paid content platform Only Fans. The model had sent a request to the app that was analyzed and accepted, so the brunette posted a close-up photo of her lips that says: “Finally” and mentions the brand.

Michelle Carvalho. Source: instagram @mrs_carvalho

Only Fans set a monthly subscription value to view photos of Michelle Carvalho of 19.99 dollars and she already has several subscribers that over time will grow as happened to her colleagues Antonella Ríos, Camila Recabarren, and Kathy Contreras among others who have this platform as a fixed income.

Michelle Carvalho.Source: Capture Only Fans

Some days ago Michelle Carvalho He commented that he was planning the content that he will publish in Only Fans and he commented in his instagram stories that the star will be his feet and said: “Mati was explaining to me the contents of the feet, that you had to add a little chocolate, some strawberries, some toys.”