You will not believe Karol G’s resounding change of look, for which they associate her with Anuel AA

From a very young age, Carol G. has shown his passion for changing hair color. As a young man he had brown hair but later dyed it blonde when he officially launched himself as ‘Karol G’. For many years that was his color, even while he was in a relationship with Anuel AA. When that relationship ended, the Colombian artist decided to change drastically.

Carol G. chose blue. La Bichota was beginning a new phase in her career and she felt that this color was the one that best identified her at that moment. Thousands of fans around the world dyed their hair that color, and even at her concerts, many blue heads were seen in the audience. But once again, the singer changed again.

Karol G and Anuel AA. Source: Instagram @karolg

With the release of his album ‘Mañana ser bonito’, Carol G. she dyed her hair red. This is the color of fire and passion, and the interpreter of ‘TQG’ decided that it was time to make a change, although she admitted in some interviews that it was difficult for her to look in the mirror in the first days of the change.

Karol G in 2018. Source: Instagram @karolg

In this month of April, Carol G. He surprised again with a radical change of look. But instead of choosing a green, which would continue with the line of strong colors, the Medellín native opted for a pink and showed it for the first time in her presentation on Saturday Night Live. There she was together with the Cuban actress Ana de Armas. From the red ‘Little Mermaid’ to the ‘Barbie’ style from one moment to the next, and all equally beautiful.

Change of look of Karol G, Source: Instagram @karolg

“How beautiful” the singer wrote of herself when she showed the images of the change in her official account of instagram with more than 61 million followers. What caught our attention is that during her relationship with anuel aa, the artist had this color for a while, although her fans do not think it has to do with that. On her hair, she wore a white flower. For a look, she wore a dress in earth tones with several transparencies and straps throughout the outfit.

Change of look of Karol G, Source: Instagram @karolg