You won’t believe how Adrián Martín Vega looks today, the boy who sang in the 2015 Telethon

The Telethon is one of the most important television events in the region and great talents have passed through it. A clear example of this is Adrian Martin Vega who delighted everyone with his voice in 2015 and 2017 and is now a teenager who succeeds in music.

The first time that Adrian Martin Vega She was on the telethon when she was 10 years old and sang the well-known song “Que bonito” by Rosario Flores in the packed National Stadium. She also took advantage of her time on the program to tell that she suffers from hydrocephalus, a congenital malformation in the hands.

This disease made Adrian Martin Vega He had to go through many surgeries and so far there are 15 times he has been in the operating room. He never let go of his passion for music and showed up every chance he got, so he won the ‘Mom I want to be an artist’ contest.

Adrian Martin Vega. Source: instagram @adrianmartinvega

Adrian Martin Vega He sang the cover that made him famous “Que bonito” by Rosario Flores with his sister and posted the video on the YouTube platform where it has millions of views. Currently the singer is 17 years old and continues to succeed in music and on social networks.

Adrian Martin Vega. Source: instagram @adrianmartinvega

On Instagram alone, he has almost 200,000 followers from all latitudes who closely follow his movements and activities. Adrian Martin Vega He was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in 2016 and managed to be a gold record. Now he promotes his latest song called ‘Pideme’.