You won’t believe how Evaluna Montaner looks today in a swimsuit one year after giving birth

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo They are part of one of the most beloved couples in show business. That’s why a few days ago when the breakup rumors began to spread, their fans became desperate to think about the idea. Finally it was the Colombian singer who gave the respective explanation to his followers.

“Of course in my relationship with Eva Luna We have been through very difficult times. We have experienced very complex earthquakes, we have experienced moments in which we have asked ourselves ‘where is this going? What is going to happen?”, The artist was honest. And he added: “That does not fit in the photos nor is it ever shared. But it’s very important to say it, because then you say ‘so it’s a different relationship than mine?’ No'”.

Camilo He made it clear that his relationship with the youngest daughter of the Montaner clan is as common as that of those who are not famous: “It does not describe the moments we have been through, it describes what we have decided to do to protect the project of our love in those hard times.”

A few days ago his daughter Indigo turned her first year. The singers published a beautiful video full of moments and with a text recited by Camilo for the little one They also showed at the end the colorful cake that the girl received to celebrate her first birthday. In the last hours, they also made a collection of photographs.

“God wanted (house emoji) with (pool emoji) (the one who understood understood)” wrote Evaluna in reference to the second photograph in which she posed with a black two-piece swimsuit, in which she showed that she looks better than ever, just one year after giving birth. Ricardo Montaner’s daughter referred to the song by Camilo “Rich life” in which he assured “I would give everything to buy you a house with a pool one day if God wants it”.