You won’t believe how Laura de la Fuente looked when she still didn’t have freckles

The young influencer laura de la fuente 18 years old, she is the daughter of actor Cristian de la Fuente with Angélica Castro. Although she was born under the fame of her parents, she has not yet ventured into the world of acting and she is dedicated to enjoying her life with friends like Máximo Bolocco with whom she was romantically linked a few months ago.

laura de la fuente He has become a phenomenon on social media due to the fun content he shares with short videos and challenges. Little by little, she has also made a place for herself in the world of fashion and always sets trends with her looks and good taste in clothing.

laura de la fuente She is very attached to her father and on more than one occasion she has been seen playing sports with him. The redhead accumulates more than 20 million followers from all corners of the world who follow in her footsteps and who were very disappointed to learn that she is only a friend of Máximo Bolocco and not his girlfriend.

Laura de la Fuente: Source: Terra archive

The truth is laura de la fuente He shares content of all kinds in his feed and a few days ago he opened his stories to questions. It was there that a netizen asked him “Did freckles come out over the years?” and Máximo Bolocco’s friend answered yes, in addition to showing postcards of her when she was a child and she did not have them.

Laura de la Fuente as a child. Source: instagram @laudelafuentec

This photo immediately went viral on social media thanks to fans of laura de la fuente. Several commented that they give a special touch to her look and that they are already part of her personality, while others pointed out that perhaps they came out because she did not take care of her skin properly.