You won’t believe what he said: Emily Ratajkowski blames the press for her difficulty finding a partner

The model and actress Emily Ratajkowski has denounced in her podcast High Low with EmRata the difficulties caused by the constant presence of paparazzi in his love life. The famous, who has been seen on several occasions on dates with different men, has said that the presence of photographers makes it difficult to have casual relationships without the people involved feeling compromised or exposed.

In addition, the model has ensured that this constant exposure on social networks generates a lot of anxiety and shame.

“Sometimes I’ve gone out with no photos, and I think that’s very good. But there are other cases where maybe I’m going out with someone for the first time, we spend two hours together, and there are a lot of photos on the Internet. And my friends The closest ones show me how excited that guy is to be in a photo with me, and that makes me very sick, because it is not a good sign that someone is elated just because they were photographed with me, ”Ratajkowski explained.

The model has also spoken about how the presence of the paparazzi complicates her love life when trying to casually date, as the exposure on social media makes the people involved feel compromised or exposed.

“All this makes it very complex to try to keep things casual, but without ceasing to respect people’s feelings. It is a very difficult place to deal with. These are situations that generate a lot of anxiety, I end up apologizing , and feeling very embarrassed,” said the model.