You won’t believe what Ricky Martin’s husband looked like more than 20 years ago

There is little to say about Ricky Martin and his talent. He is one of the most recognized singers in the world. Some nostalgics still remember when he was a teenager and was part of the group often making his first weapons in the world of music. This of course, several years before he married Jwan Yosef.

The love story between Ricky Martin Y Jwan Yosef It began virtually as they began to trust each other little by little and talked for several months before seeing each other in person. Fortunately for the artists, the crush was immediate, according to the singer.

Jwan Yosef Y Ricky Martin They got married in 2015 and live happily together with their children Matteo, Valentino, Lucía and Renn in a huge house located in one of the best neighborhoods in California.

Jwan Joseph and Ricky Martin. Source: Instagram @jwanyosef

Currently jwan, 38, and the Puerto Rican singer enjoy their work presentation called “Play”. These achievements come after going through a distressing situation due to a false complaint made by the nephew of Ricky Martin.

Jwan Yosef. Source: Instagram @jwanyosef

Recently, a photo of the artist when he was a teenager and 17 years old has gone viral. There the Swede of Syrian origin was on a boat in the sea with his brothers and you can see his extreme thinness from his teenage years, with a tight-fitting swimsuit as was used at the time. “Back to the 70s, sorry back to 2001, those days when my young self rocked his sideburns like a boss,” wrote the husband of Ricky Martin.