You won’t believe who Benjamín Vicuña spent Valentine’s Day with

Chilean actor, Benjamin Vicunasurprised his fans by sharing on social networks how he spent the Valentine’s Day. Who did you celebrate this special date with? Well, with your pet.

Benjamin Vicuña with his children. Source: Instagram @benjaminvicuña.ok

In a post on his account instagram, Vicuña shared several photographs in which he is seen enjoying a day outdoors in the company of his dog, a Golden Retriever named Luna. In the description of the images, the actor wrote: “My Valentine. My true love. My life partner. Luna, my dog.”

The post went viral in no time, and fans of Benjamin Vicuna They did not take long to congratulate him on his love for animals and for sharing moments of happiness with them. In addition, many highlighted the importance of caring for and loving pets, which are often considered part of the family.

Magnolia in her 5 years. Source: Instagram @benjaminvicuña.ok

This publication of Benjamin Vicuna is one more example of how love isn’t limited to a romantic couple on Valentine’s Day. It is important to remember that this date is an opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms, including love for animals and for oneself.

Benjamin He teaches us with his example that true love has no limits and that we must celebrate it in all its forms. The love for our pets is just as important as the love for our partners and it is something that we must value and take care of. So this Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate all the forms of love we have in our lives, no matter where they come from or what form they are.