You worked at Amici as a professional dancer for eight editions: what is your life like after almost ten years from leaving the program?

We all remember him in the early 2000s as a professional dancer at Amici with colleagues Anbeta, Kledi, Leon Cino: what happened to him?

In addition to the students and teachers who took turns to Friends Over the course of nearly twenty years, other figures who have always been a pillar of the program are undoubtedly professional dancers.

You worked at Amici as a professional dancer for eight editions: how is your life almost ten years after leaving the program? (Youtube)

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Those who help the teachers during the lessons and who show the choreographies to be performed by the students. Over the course of two decades, we have had the opportunity to appreciate their talent: some were internationally renowned dancers even before arriving at the talent of Canale 5, others were first students of the school (see Anbeta Toromani, Leon Cino and Elena D ‘ Amario today).

Today we want to bring to your mind one of the professionals who enchanted us with their skill in the early 2000s: let’s talk about Jose Perez, Cuban dancer who worked on Amici from the third to the eleventh edition.

Jose Perez today: what he does and how he became the former professional dancer of Amici

Since his arrival in the program conducted by Maria De Filippi, Jose Perez’s choreographies have conquered the public and still today there are many fans who follow him through social networks.

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Of Cuban origins, we met him in the early 2000s and today he is an internationally renowned choreographer. Last year, in October, he staged Cleopatra at the Cairo Opera House and was sold out.

Before his experience ad Friends, where he was wanted by Alessandra Celentano, Jose was already famous in Europe. Surely TV was a very useful experience for him but today he feels satisfied with his path taken: “On TV I met new and surprising languages: the contaminations with tango and Latin American dance. But today my path is choreography ”, he declared.

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Professional dancer friends
Photo source: Instagram

In this fairly recent photo taken from his Instagram profile we can see how Jose is keeping fit after all these years. Congratulations!