You would never imagine how much a visit with Dr. Nowzaradan costs: only now does the truth come out

Dr. Nowzaradan continues to win over everyone, but do you know how much a visit with him costs? Only now does the truth come out.

Not only its participants and the shocking transformations, but also Dr. Nowzaradan is one of the undisputed protagonists of Vite al Limite. Of Iranian origin, the surgeon began to practice this profession some time after his graduation, but it was only with the Real Time docu-reality that he became a real star.

Nowzaradan. Credits: Discovery

Everyone loves the Dr. Nowzaradan! Author of truly shocking transformations, the surgeon entered everyone’s heart following the Vite al Limite program. Many are those who have taken part in it over the years, but just as many are those who would like to take part. Have you ever wondered, though, how much does a visit to the surgeon cost? Only now does a shocking truth emerge: you would never imagine it!

During these editions of Vite al Limite – and be very careful because something crazy was announced some time ago – his very numerous have become so fond of the stories told, that he never misses an opportunity to ask questions about the program and always find out something more. Among the most popular questions, without any doubt, there is this: how much does it cost to be examined by the famous and beloved Iranian surgeon?

How much does a visit to Dr. Nowzaradan cost?

There are so many curiosities that revolve around the Dr. Nowzaradan of Vite al Limite. Just recently, for example, we revealed some more details about his private life. And, in particular, about his ex-wife and his children. You are curious, however, to know how much does a visit with him cost? Having established that getting in touch with him is not absolutely difficult, it remains to find out how much the cost of a visit is. Are you curious to know too?

According to what is learned from the web, it would seem that a visit with Dr. Nowzaradan costs about 1500 dollars. A truly incredible price and that not everyone would have ever imagined, we are sure! On the other hand, the results obtained during the different editions are impressive and could really push many people to do this ‘madness’. What would you do instead? In order to feel good about your body, would you spend that much?

Where is the Vite al Limite clinic located?

Once we have ascertained the cost of a visit and how it is possible to get in touch with Dr. Nowzaradan, we just have to find out where the clinic is located. As also told in our article, you can find the surgeon and his staff in Houston. Be very careful, however: the clinic where the doctor welcomes his patients is located at Bellaire Boulevard at 4009. The place, however, where the good Younan operates the ‘cadets’ is the St. Joseph Medical Center.

how much does it cost to visit nowzaradan
Vite al Limite Clinic

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