You would never imagine this background on Adriana Volpe: she revealed it herself, incredible

Adriana Volpe is very much loved, but we are sure that not everyone would have imagined this background about her: she revealed it herself, incredible.

Adriana Volpe is one of the most beloved characters of the Italian small screen. Currently in the Cinecittà studio as a columnist for the Gf Vip, the splendid presenter never loses an opportunity to win attention on herself. And, let’s be clear, she does it not only for her incredible beauty and impressive outfits, but also for her interventions.

Nobody imagines this background on Adriana Volpe. Photo Source: Instagram

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Having entered the world of entertainment when she was very young, Adriana Volpe enjoyed impressive success right from the start. To date, in fact, he is considered among the most popular faces of the Italian small screen. She is very much loved, we assure you. Yet despite this we are sure that not everyone knows this background about her. If you thought you knew everything about the splendid Volpe, now you will really change your mind! During a very recent interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Adriana revealed an unthinkable background. Are you ready to discover everything? We will take care of telling you everything.

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Adriana Volpe, would you have ever imagined such a background? Not everyone knows

In the course of a very recent interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Adriana Volpe talked about herself like never before. And in addition to revealing everything that happens with the cameras off in the studio of the GF Vip, the presenter and columnist of the current edition of the reality show also revealed some really incredible background about her. Her entry into the world of entertainment, as we said previously, took place when she was really a little girl, but have you ever wondered if she wanted to do just that when she grew up?

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Let’s face it: all of us as children imagined our future. Adriana Volpe did it too. And, as told by the person directly concerned, it would seem that, even before riding the wave of success, she had the intention of becoming a volcanologist. “In elementary school we study the movement of the earth’s crust and I remember that when we faced the volcanoes I already knew both Vesuvius, having a father from Campania, and Etna, because I had been there”, said Adriana Volpe. Also revealing that he had this myth of volcanoes, but that it lasted very little.

Adriana Volpe behind the scenes
Photo Source: Instagram

Would you have ever imagined it?