‘Young forever’, how to live well and long

The ‘recipe’ of the Comito cardiologist based on 38 years of experience in the care of over ninety year olds

Simple, ‘sustainable’ rules for a long and healthy life, based on three fundamental pillars: constant and daily physical activity, healthy eating, with a prevalent consumption of vegetables, legumes and very little meat and a strong motivation to continue ‘doing’ . It is the handbook of longevity, contained in the book ‘Young people forever’, written by Cosimo Comito, cardiologist former professor of cardiology at various universities (Sapienza University of Rome, Siena and L’Aquila)who wanted to collect, in a volume addressed to all, the advice to stay healthy for a long time.

“This book – explains Comito to Adnkronos Salute – comes from my experience of 38 years of work, dedicated above all to treating patients over the age of ninety”. And in this long journey “I made a series of observations obtaining ‘pills of knowledge’ which, if applied, can give everyone the possibility of living a long life and, above all, maintaining good health. In fact, it is not enough to be long-lived if the quality of life is low. Among my ninety-year-old patients there are many people who still drive cars safely, do interesting intellectual work, manage assets. Men and women who can be useful to themselves, to the family and to society”.

Everyone’s health potential, which is expressed in healthy longevity, is also evident “in observing the frugal life of many centenarians in small Italian villages. I learned a lot from observing the great elderly and centenarians of the Aspromonte who follow the rhythms of nature, they exercise a lot, they are motivated. People who get up with the first sun, still cultivate the land, walk many kilometers, eat simple foods and have a great motivation to do so. These observations show how we can enhance what nature has selected”, he concludes.