Younger people with diet, study

Healthy vegetarian eating with fresh food works against the biological clock

With the right diet you can slow down aging to stay younger. This is certified by a Chinese study which – after studying the diet of over 10,000 over 50s for 8 years – has shown that people who follow a ‘healthy’ vegetarian diet, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables and legumes, age more slowly compared to those who consume more animal products, primarily meat, canned or ultra-processed foods. The ‘verdict’ relating to the impact of diet on biological age comes from researchers at Zhejiang University, in China, in a study published in the journal ‘Bmc medicine’.

Therefore, according to the researchers, a vegetarian diet would allow us to have a biological age (the age of our cells) lower than our real chronological age (the one corresponding to our date of birth). Scientists are increasingly interested in biological age to measure a person’s actual fitness and health: they only need to look at cells to determine whether they have entered senescence, a stage of cellular development during which they lose the ability to regenerate and repair itself, setting the stage for age-related diseases. That’s exactly what Chinese researchers have done.

This allowed them to find that followers of the vegetarian diet saw their risk of accelerated aging reduced by about a third provided they did not opt ​​for refined grains, canned vegetables or dairy products, all identified as “potential key factors for an increase in indicators of ageing”.