“You’re stupid”, Maria De Filippi loses her temper: Tina Cipollari in the sights, what happened

The presenter Maria De Filippi loses her temper at “Men and Women”: columnist Tina Cipollari in the sights, here’s what happened

The last episode of the Canale 5 dating show gave a quarrel between the presenter and the commentator of the program. De Filippi got angry with Tina and filmed her in the studio. If you missed the episode and want to know what happened, keep reading the article and we will explain everything in detail.

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Maria De Filippi loses her temper and scolds Tina Cipollari (Source: YouTube screen video)

Men and women, Maria De Filippi loses her temper: Tina Cipollari in the sights

Tina Cipollari now everyone knows it. His releases at “Men and women“Often make arguments. This time, however, the presenter Maria De Filippi he could not turn a blind eye, as often happens with her.

You are a jackass“, He exclaimed in the studio. The columnist, faced with the call of the ‘hostess’, was forced to settle down. Her colleague, Gianni Sperti, also called her to attention. This time, in fact, Tina seems to have exaggerated and to pay the price was a lady of throne over recently arrived.

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The episode took place in the last episode of the Canale 5 dating show. The episode had just begun, when the columnist was relentless against a woman from the parterre. The lady preferred not to answer, on the contrary, she got up from the center and went to sit down in her place. At that point De Filippi intervened. Are you curious to know what happened? If so then keep reading the article.

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In the episode aired yesterday afternoon on Canale 5, the columnist Tina Cipollari was furious against one of the women in the parterre. His fault? The name. The lady, in fact, is called Bernarda and the columnist has targeted her for her name.

The woman did not react at all, on the contrary she preferred to move from the center, where she had started to discuss her acquaintance with Biagio, in his place. The commentator, however, continued and at that point the presenter of the program intervened: “Tina you are an idiot. You don’t have to overdo it. Only you laugh“.