Youth psychological distress: exploded after the pandemic, it is not listened to and helped

According to a recent survey of teenagers, 41% believe that their mental health has been adversely affected, as well as 37% their life in general

Italian adolescents after the pandemic: “41% believe that their mental health has been negatively affected”, as well as “37% their life in general”. The health emergency and the lockdowns that have taken place in the past three years have a disruptive effect on youthful emotional fragility. The photograph of the behavior of Italian adolescents in the post-pandemic period was taken by the VI 2022 survey of the Hbsc Italia Surveillance System (Health Behavior in School-aged Children – Behaviors connected to the health of school-age children), coordinated by the Higher Institute of healthcare together with the Universities of Turin, Padua and Siena, with the support of the Ministry of Health, the collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Merit and all the Regions and Local Health Authorities.

The world of kids grappling with the effects of bullying, cyberbullying, abuse of social media and video games, the increase in eating behavior disorders, has also seen the effects of isolation and post-Covid explode. Families and young people often have difficulty finding a listening and assistance path in the public health service. Waiting lists lengthen the time for the first visit with the risk that the boy’s condition worsens. A situation that is becoming alarming, according to the specialists, doctors, politicians and insiders, who spoke for the special Adnkronos Salute dedicated to the psychological distress of young Italians.