YouTube, new function to recognize songs by humming them to your smartphone

Google has said it will roll out to a small percentage of people around the world who use Android

Google is testing a new feature on YouTube that lets you sing or hint at a song to search for it. Once YouTube recognizes the song (it takes three seconds, even without the exact words), it will show details about the song. It’s basically a Google-style version of Shazam, which is owned by Apple. Not everyone will have access to the experiment from the start. Google said it will launch for “a small percentage of people around the world who watch YouTube on Android devices.”

This feature isn’t entirely new to Google, as it introduced a search by song feature in the Google app and Google Assistant in 2020. The company specified the YouTube version is based on the same technology, but works faster than Google’s, which needs 10-15 seconds to identify a song. He also said he’s testing a feature on YouTube that bundles multiple uploads “in a short time” from a single creator into a designated space in the subscriptions feed.

“We’re experimenting with this for several reasons: as a way to make it easier for viewers to find the content they’re looking for, to reduce the pressure on creators to upload multiple times a day, and to make it easier for viewers to interact with content and /or navigate to other videos as they scroll through the feed,” Google said. The feature will initially be available to a “small percentage” of people.