Zacchi (Bper): “Alongside WWF to protect natural oases”

The collaboration is part of the ‘Valore Oasi’ project by WWF and Bper Banca has embarked on a path to reduce its environmental impact

“We are here at the Vanzago Oasis to talk about partnership which sees Bper Banca working alongside WWF Italia to protect natural oases. The collaboration is part of the WWF ‘Valore Oasi’ project. Bper Banca has embarked on a path to reduce its environmental impact and, also thanks to this partnership, wants to be a credible partner for its customers, in order to accompany them on the energy transition path. What better partner could you have chosen than the most important brand of Italian environmentalism such as the wwf?” Said Giovanna Zacchi, Head of ESG Strategy of Bper Banca, on the sidelines of the event ‘Nature Talk’ with which Bper Banca presented the collaboration with WWF for the ‘Valore Oasi’ project.

Bper Banca has developed a strategic plan with important objectives also from the point of view of environmental sustainability and ecological transitionboth as regards the efficiency of the bank’s energy spending, with objectives in line with the Paris Agreement (-23% by 2025 and -50% by 2050) and as regards the reduction of exposure to climate-altering emissions, goal envisaged by the UN banking alliance network to which Bper Banca has joined.

“We are working on many fronts for greater sustainability, from the reduction of plastic waste with the distribution of water bottles and water dispensers to more fun initiatives, such as the ‘bike to work’ – concluded Zacchi – Digitization also represents a an important factor in reducing the waste of resources. We have therefore tried to operate strategic interventions that have a positive impact both on the bank and on society and on the environment, the so-called win-win projects”.