Zack Snyder, unpublished poses of cast and characters for his DC films

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Justice League lovers and enthusiasts certainly know Zack Snyder: director of some of the most famous Justice League films. His reading and interpretation of the DC Universe has no half measures: it is loved or hated, and this leads to huge discussions among fans of the genre who confront each other by bringing their pros and cons of Snyder’s films. The divisions on this issue became more acute when the so-called Snyder Cut of the film was released Justice Leaguereleased in 2021. On this occasion we returned to talk about SnyderVerse, the DC world signed by Snyder has come back to the fore and he himself does not seem willing to turn off the discussion, fueling it with new elements.

The unpublished cutlery of the DC world of Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder reiterates his position with a new publication that sees some unpublished photos of The man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice And Justice League. The source of these shots, which were posted on the Vero social network, is unknown, but it is probable that they are the result of photo sessions taken during the costume fittings. Snyder’s admirers point out that this is yet another proof of the particular line of affinity that the director creates with his works and which also gave birth to the so-called SnyderVerse. In fact, the filmmaker himself is a fan of the DC world, otherwise he wouldn’t be so present at the events that celebrate it, such as the one to be held shortly in Pasadena, California, during which three DC films will be screened on IMAX screens.

Snyder’s statements on the Justice League

Zack Snyder’s vision of the Justice League is very different from other directors and the director himself recently explained how his screenplay idea was born, joining the pieces as if they were a puzzle to give an overall vision. “The script of Justice League it evolved through that very process. I’ll be honest: when we prepared the script… I mean, something like this happened: it looked much darker and weirder,” explained Snyder, who revealed how everything changed with Batman vs Superman in front of the request for lighter and more entertaining films.