Zanetti: “I’m staying at Empoli with great enthusiasm”

The coach: “I didn’t ask for any names, my ds is of the highest level”

“My priority has always been Empoli, when you do a good job the requests are there but this club has always been in first place. When I marry a project I really marry it, I just wanted to understand the future programs and if I I was at the center of the project.” Empoli coach Paolo Zanetti said it at the beginning of the summer retreat in view of the resumption of the championship. “I’m here with great enthusiasm. The championship will be even more difficult, even the newly promoted teams will be of the absolute level. Indeed, perhaps I’m even more enthusiastic because there is even greater esteem” adds Zanetti.

“I’m lucky – he underlines – to have a very high-level sporting director. I’m not saying anything strange in saying that I’ve never asked anyone in terms of names. But let’s talk about characteristics, let’s look at many names, I never want a player all costs. Accardi has great expertise within the corporate parameters and I have the task of making them express themselves at their best. Ours is a daily confrontation but I never ask for anything”.

The Empoli coach explains: “We’ll start from our final, where the team fully embraced the 4-2-3-1 formation. But that doesn’t mean we’ll only have this idea, because every season has its own evolution and we need to work on alternatives. I’m happy that we were able to keep some players on, our best departments were defense and midfield. Confirming Grassi and Marin is an important thing for us, like the growth of our centre-backs and our full-backs. If someone leaves, they’ll be part of of the transfer market and someone else will arrive to work on. Our secret will be work, we need players who are hungry.”