Zangrillo: “At work to make Genoa great again”

“We can only get where we have arrived in very distant times”

“The history of Genoa, the tradition, the maintenance of values ​​are at stake, but thanks to ‘777 Partners’ there is also the possibility of reaching where, if not in very distant times, we have never arrived” . Alberto Zangrillo, the new president of Genoa, sums up the mission that awaits him in this way. The new number 1 of the club sets the objectives during the presentation press conference held at the Doge’s Palace.

“Departing from the arguments of the last 50-60 years that have unfortunately given results that are not in line with expectations, only giving a change, and only by giving an entrepreneurial and modern turn will we be able to make Genoa great“, continues the new president.

“I thank Josh Wander and 777 Partners for the role that I was given and that I will try to represent with the characteristics that have marked my professional life: seriousness, transparency, commitment, aware that we are facing a scenario that has extraordinary potential. We are talking about a medium-long term project that aims to internationalize the world of football starting from Genoa, there are all the elements to make the most of a great project that must be of great modernity and originality, and that must respond to the word ‘ a new experience ‘”, he concludes.