“Zaniolo and Tonali destroyed”, Spalletti and Nazionale after betting case

The coach and the Azzurri tomorrow at Wembley against England

Nicolò Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali “were destroyed” when they had to leave the national team camp due to their involvement in the investigation into illegal betting. The Italian coach Luciano Spalletti said this on the eve of the match scheduled at Wembley against England for the match valid for the Euro 2024 qualifiers. “Yes, it was a trauma for the team, we found ourselves having the authorities almost inside the locker room. We were a bit upset, surprised. But we had a whole day from when we said goodbye to them and many of us went to hug them before they returned to their clubs, to their homes. The boys involved were devastated”, he says the technical commissioner.

“When a group stays together and experiences matches as a national team, important relationships are always created. Relationships are the second thing they will carry with them into life, other than results. I think this is a vice that can happen among young people, we have committed ourselves to telling them many things and we will continue to follow them”, adds the Italian coach.

“Regarding this misfortune that we have all suffered and which has affected some young people in our football, it is something that we regret, it hurts us. They were strong players, but as already said we have the obligation to move forward, to take into consideration whether these guys will have a correct reaction to what happened to them and consequently bring them back because they are strong players. But we don’t depend on them for the results we will be able to achieve in the match,” he adds.

“I don’t ask for anything more than what I have available for this match – underlines Spalletti -. When you train a national team you have the opportunity to take everything you want and Italy always provides interesting things that allow comparison with anyone. It’s clear that there are results that sometimes don’t go as you would like, but there’s always a strength available that allows us to play the football we want. This week I’ve seen great attention, a clear head. I’ve seen great order in preparing for the match, I’m very confident about our performance.”