Zan’s bill rejected in the Senate, Lega and Fdi trap approved. Tension between the Democratic Party and the Renzians

The hall of Palazzo Madama, with a secret vote, expressed itself in favor of the so-called “trap”, requested by the Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, which causes the examination of the articles and amendments to the text to be skipped. Process blocked by 23 votes, according to the Democratic Party, at least 16 in favor of the bill are missing. Salvini and Meloni rejoice. Di Maio: a “shameful” vote. Letta: “The country is somewhere else. And soon we will see ”. Tension in Forza Italia, accusations between dem and renzians

The Zan Bill freezes in the Senate. The hall of Palazzo Madama, with a secret vote, expressed itself in favor of the so-called “trap” which skips the examination of the articles and amendments to the text (WHAT IS THE TAGLIOLA). 154 senators voted in favor of the trap, requested by the Lega and the Brothers of Italy, while 131 said no and two abstained: therefore, 23 votes were cast down the law. According to the Democratic Party, at least 16 votes in favor of the Bill are missing. Many reactions after the outcome of the vote. Matteo Salvini rejoices: “Defeat the arrogance of Letta and the 5Stelle”. Giorgia Meloni is also satisfied. For Luigi Di Maio it was a “shameful” vote. “Those who rejoice in the sabotage go and tell the country,” said Giuseppe Conte. “They wanted to stop the future. But the country is somewhere else. And soon we will see ”, commented Enrico Letta. From the Pd accusations against the Renzians. Tension in Forza Italia, with Elio Vito who claimed his vote against the trap and left his posts in the party. The comment of the CEI, with the president Gualtiero Bassetti: “The vote of the Senate offers a further consideration in the sign of the very concept of democracy: a law that intends to combat discrimination cannot and must not pursue the objective with intolerance. Between the approval of ambiguous legislation and the possibility of direct reflection on a frank confrontation, the Church will always be at the side of dialogue and the construction of a right that guarantees every citizen in the objective of mutual respect “. The text against homotransphobia had been approved by the House on November 4, 2020. The bill can no longer be proposed again and a new bill with a similar theme will have to wait six months to be dealt with in the Senate (WHAT IT PROVIDESTHE CONTROVERSE POINTS).

What happened in the Senate

Today, Wednesday 27 October, the Senate was talking about the Zan bill. At the conclusion of the discussion in the Chamber, the president of Palazzo Madama Elisabetta Casellati reported that two requests had been submitted for “not passing the examination of the articles”, from Lega and FdI. The two parties also asked for the vote to take place by secret ballot. “The umpteenth trap on the path of the bill”, the deputy Pd Alessandro Zan had immediately commented on Twitter, asking to reject the request (VIDEO). “This is not a scam vote or worse still a trap, it is an established institution”, the senator of the Lega Roberto Calderoli had retorted. The president of the Senate accepted the request of the Lega and FdI. “The president considers the two requests admissible. secret ballot based on the rules and precedents. My decision, although legitimate to contest, because it is an interpretation, has solid foundations of a legal nature – explained Casellati -. I was called exclusively to judge on the secret ballot, which is a purely legal question, in fact I mentioned the regulation and the precedents that led me to grant the secret ballot “. The secret ballot therefore took place and the Chamber of the Senate said yes to the “trap”.

The numbers

There were 288 senators present in the Chamber, 287 voters. From what is known so far to the individual groups on attendance and absences, 2 senators of the League were absent out of the total of 64 and 3 absent from Forza Italia compared to the total of 49. These are Niccolò Ghedini, Renato Schifani and Massimo Ferro. For the Brothers of Italy, on the other hand, all 21 senators were present. In the Democratic Party there are 2 absences out of 38, 4 (including Matteo Renzi) in the Italia viva group on 16 and 2 among the M5S benches out of the total of 74. For the Autonomies group, an absence out of 8 senators, as well as for The alternative is (formerly M5S, who are now in the Mixed group): present 3 out of 4. 154 were in favor of the trap, while 131 senators said no and two abstained: a result welcomed by a long applause from the triumphant center-right, which said it was ready to “start from scratch”. “We expected 140 votes from those in favor of the Bill and therefore against the trap, at least 16 are missing”, explained sources of the Democratic Party to the Senate. Now the party will try to understand if the snipers are inside the Democratic Party or in the wider area that officially was in favor of the Zan Ddl. The democratic parliamentarians immediately pointed their finger at Italia viva, even if someone did not exclude internal saboteurs from the reformist area. Goffredo Bettini himself of the party leadership is convinced that it was the “twists and turns of sovereignists and reformists to bury him.” The Renzians instead accused Pd, M5S and Leu.

The reactions, Salvini and Meloni rejoice

“The arrogance of Letta and the 5Stelle were defeated: they said no to all mediation proposals, including those formulated by the Holy Father, associations and many families, and drowned the Zan Bill. Now let’s start again from the League’s proposals: fight discrimination by leaving children out, freedom of education, gender theory and crimes of opinion “, commented Lega leader Matteo Salvini. The leader of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni, was also satisfied. : “The curtain falls on the Zan bill, a terrible bill that the Brothers of Italy have opposed consistently and on the merits since the beginning”.

Tensions in Forza Italia

Forza Italia also officially voted in favor of the trap: among those present, however, there was at least one dissenting vote. Barbara Masini, in fact, explained in the Chamber: “The Zan Ddl remains an imperfect law that could have been improved and freed from some ambiguities that make it difficult for everyone to share, but from the moment it became clear that the alternative would be was that of not having any law that protects a community, which for 25 years has been waiting for the recognition of its right to exist and not to be afraid, then my personal history and my conscience forced me to vote against the no-passing motions to the articles presented by Lega and FdI, also going against my reference group “. In July the senator, the protagonist of a coming out months earlier, had made a moving speech in the Chamber saying that she was in favor of the Zan bill, albeit with some reservations. Furthermore, after the Forza Italia vote, Elio Vito wrote a letter to President Silvio Berlusconi to leave his internal positions in the party: “For consistency with my convictions, which led me to vote in favor of the bill in the House when in the opposite position of the group, however, the possibility of voting according to conscience was guaranteed, I reluctantly postpone the task you entrusted to me “.

Italia Viva: “The arrogance of M5S and Pd produced incredible defeat”

After the outcome of the vote, accusations against the Renzians came from the Democratic Party. The response from Italia Viva was not long in coming. “For months I have been asking to find an agreement to avoid making the Zan Bill fail. They wanted a fight and these are the consequences. Those who argue about absences would have to deal with the 40 francs shooters. Today’s responsibility is clear: and to say that for Pd and Cinque Stelle this time it was easy, easier than the times of ‘O Count or death’. It did not matter to know politics, it was enough to know the arithmetic “, commented the leader Matteo Renzi. “The arrogance of M5S and Pd produced an incredible defeat not only for Parliament, which lost the opportunity to pass a civilization law, but for the many women and men who were waiting to finally be protected from aggression and discrimination . The blindness and obstinacy of a few have made a necessary law to the country sink, “said the president of the deputies of Iv Maria Elena Boschi.” After surviving a single open ballot vote in July, accept today the Russian roulette of a secret vote without a plan and without a parachute, even refusing a postponement of a few days to find a solution, is the rarest example of foolishness and amateurism that I have ever witnessed in these years of politics “, added the undersecretary to the internal Ivan Scalfarotto (Iv).

The disappointment of the Democratic Party and the left

“They wanted to stop the future. They wanted to bring Italy back. Yes, today they and their Inguacchi won in the Senate. But the country is somewhere else. And soon we’ll see”, wrote the secretary on Twitter. of the Pd Enrico Letta. “It is clear that there has been a transfer of votes from the center-right, but I honestly did not expect this vote. It will also be necessary to reflect on how this affair was handled. If this is the conclusion it means that mistakes have been made “, said Andrea Marcucci, senator of the Democratic Party.” Today’s vote destroys a law that aimed to expand rights without taking away from anyone. A law against discrimination, intolerance and hatred that from the beginning the right only wanted to overthrow by hiding behind a lying willingness to dialogue that has proved non-existent today. But the numbers clearly show that this negative result was made possible only by the defections of some who verbally said they wanted to discuss the law in the Chamber, as it would have been not only right but also a duty to do, and instead made the choice in the vote. opposite “, attacked the leader of the LeU group in the Senate Loredana De Petris.” Today the Senate, also thanks to the decision of Sen. Casellati who favored the ambush, writes a black page in the book of rights. The rejection of the Zan law is bad news for the country and for all of us ”, are the words of the national secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni.

M5S: “Shameful”

Disappointment and anger also in the M5S. “Everyone was on the side of civil rights, but in the end the Zan Bill was swept away, in the secret of the ballot box, in the Senate. Shameful”, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio (M5S) wrote on Facebook. “The Zan Bill – he added – was to become law in a few days, but months after months have passed, excuses after excuses, until the provision was blown up. Let’s face it clearly: in Italy there are still strong discrimination against homosexuals. it’s the truth. In a modern country this is unacceptable. ” “On the Zan bill we record an empty passage on a path of civilization and of contrasting all forms of discrimination and violence for sexual orientation. Those who rejoice today in this sabotage should be accountable to the country that on these issues it has already shown that it is ahead of the parliamentary halls “, wrote the president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte. In the Movement, then, there are those who take it out on the allies: the “M5S has trusted the experience of the Democratic Party, this is the result”, commented Alessandra Maiorino.