Zaporizhzhia, Aiea: “Immediate mission, risk of catastrophic consequences”

The words of the head of the international atomic agency after the latest attacks on the area

“This is a serious and grave moment and the IAEA must be authorized to conduct a mission to Zaporizhzhia as soon as possible”. That’s what you said the head of the international atomic agency, Rafael Grossiin the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, warning that there could be “catastrophic consequences” if the fighting continues around the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

Grossi’s new appeal came just hours after the Ukrainian company that manages the plant, Energoatom, reported that the area was hit five times yesterday, including near a radioactive material depot.

“Timing is crucial,” Grossi said in his speech, stating that the IAEA is ready to lead a mission of experts in the plant and asking Russia and Ukraine to collaborate on its realization. Experts could carry out urgent protection of the area and exert a stabilizing influence to “prevent nuclear accidents from happening.”