Zegna on Sky TG24: “I’m proud, a new path for Italian business has been traced”

Gildo Zegna interviewed by Sky TG24 says he is proud and excited about the listing of the first Italian fashion brand on the New York stock exchange. THE INTERVIEW

The first day of listing was a success: the stock of the Zegna group gained 5.92 percent on Wall Street. It is the first Italian fashion brand to be listed on the most important stock exchange in the world. The CEO Gildo Zegna on Sky TG24 says he is “proud and excited”.

“A new road”

To the questions of the correspondent Marco Congiu he replies as follows: “I think we have traced a new path for the Italian family business. And there are many companies even better than us that could follow the same path. But, importantly: governance and independent directors”. A path that not all Italian entrepreneurs have chosen, and it is no coincidence that they are historically very refractory to quotations on the stock exchange.

Zegna also revealed that the listing path, announced last July, was jeopardized by a hacker attack for which “the project was in danger of falling”.

Made in Italy excellence

Zegna’s entry into the sanctuary of global finance is a new Italian success in this lucky year. AND it was the CEO himself who pushed on the Italian spirit: “when I read that the Economist had chosen Italy as the country of the year, it filled me with pride. It was time they gave us a fair tribute thanks to President Draghi but thanks to all those like us, and with our workers, who have made an incredible deck and who are good, because Made in Italy we are first in the world “. According to Gildo Zegna we are experiencing “the restart of the Italian Renaissance, of our country”.

Watch below the entire episode of Sky TG24 Business of 21 December 2021, in which the interview with the CEO of Zegna was broadcast. Guests were Gian Marco Salcioli (Assiom Forex) e Carlo Rosa (DiaSorin).